Is it breakfast time yet?

When the sun comes up it means one thing… food time.

Sometimes I need to make lots of noise to make my humans wake up and feed me. Around 5:45 is the best time I think. Sometimes they don’t hear me hopping around so i do a little digging, or sometimes I chew on the wooden furniture, that always makes them get up really quickly.

They come over to me, with sleep dust in their eyes, and they give me some head pats.

I like to get head pats in the morning, but i much prefer them after breakfast time.

To tell them I’m hungry, I go and sit outside the cold giant. The cold giant is big and white and full of tasty treats like kale, carrots, spinach, and sometimes strawberries! I sit and wait patiently at the door to the cold giant until they come and open it up. Then I pounce! They are always laughing when I grab my food box and I don’t understand why, its not funny… I want what’s inside!

They give me a big pile of tasty greens for breakfast, almost the size of my head! I really like Kale and Gai Lan, they are very tasty! Spinach not so much… it tastes a bit yucky to me. The only one they don’t ever give me is the iceberg lettuce, but thats OK because it gives me belly aches and its not very tasty anyway.

Sometimes at the bottom of my pile of breakfast greens I find a little piece of carrot. I really like when that happens! If I am a VERY cute bunny and I dance around my humans feet whilst she makes her breakfast she might give me the top of a strawberry… then I do lots of binkies because I am so happy!

When my human goes off to work she fills up my water bowl, adds some hay to my box fills my fun-ball up with pellets. I push the ball around and even pick it up and throw it so that all the pellets go everywhere! Then I move around like that loud sucking machine and eat them all up.

The only other time I get the tasty pellet treats is when my humans play games with me. Sometimes they tell me to spin around or hop over things and when I do them they look so happy and they give me the treats! It is really good.

When the other human gets home he gives me sooooo many pats. I can’t help but lay down and grind my teeth together because it feels so nice. After a little while he goes to the white giant and brings me back another green feast! He sits with me whilst I scoff my greens down and sometimes gives me a little nibble of his tasty apple or banana… but only a little bit.

– Obi

Image by lulu__mack

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