Buffy! It goes IN the potty!

If there is one thing I am really good at, its using the litter box. I never piddle outside of my box and I rarely miss. When I miss its my humans fault for letting it get too full.

My box has recycled paper litter in it, my human buys this one because its soft on my feet and if I happen to eat it (like I am that silly) I won’t get sick. My human puts my hay right into the litter box so I can eat and poop at the same time – one of my favourite pastimes!

Now, my girlfriend Buffy, her litter box routine is not as good as mine, not by a long-shot! Our first week together, which we spent in that horrible pen she piddled in every single corner and slept in the litterbox…. I was thoroughly unimpressed.

After a few days of living in her filth she started using the box properly, but she still piddled outside of the box on occasion. Most desexed bunnies have good litter-box habits, but it takes a little time to develop them. But un-desexed bunnies… now that is another story!

Sometimes she piddles and poops just outside the box. She doesn’t sit in the box whilst eating sometimes but still piddles anyway resulting in a puddle I have to dodge whilst leaving our bathroom. I think this is just laziness or confusion on her part… I must have a word with her about it though because it’s unladylike.

Othertimes it’s in a corner of the house that the humans aren’t likely to see… This is very sneaky, and I think she does this because she knows they wont find it – thus claiming the space as her own. When they do find it, they clean it with vinegar.

To the humans dissatisfaction she most likes to piddle on the couch! Now, this behaviour I understand. I did it too when I came here, although only a few times. I did it to show the humans that they had to share with me. It worked, they let me on the couch whenever I want now. Im sure they wouldn’t have done that if I hadn’t shown them I was the boss! Anyway, she tends to hop around innocently, begging for pats and licking the cushions. Then, when they are not expecting it, she gets that glazed over look in her eyes and starts backing up into a corner whilst lifting her tail. Its pretty funny because the humans HATE it! They make a fuss and grab the vinegar. I don’t know why they bother. Its ours now. They should just sit on the ground.

Its been two weeks, and she is getting much better with her potty training. I don’t think she piddled outside of the box at all yesterday (unless I didn’t notice) and she is dropping less poops all over the place. I guess she is feeling more at home which is good, because I want her to stay with me forever.

– Obi

Image by lulu__mack

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