I made a new friend today… her name is Ocean.

Today I met another bunny named Ocean. We drank chamomile tea and had a good chat about where we came from and how we got to where we are today, and I wanted to share it with you.

When Ocean was a baby she had a sister and they were best friends. They spent all their time together and when they went to their new home with some humans they had lots of fun.

But when the two girlies became teenagers things changed. Oceans sister started getting mean, and this made Ocean sad. Oceans sister was picking on her and biting her and they were fighting all the time. After a while Ocean was so scared all the time that she would lash out whenever someone came too close… she was so unhappy.

One day, the humans took her and her sister to a place full of little cages. They left her there. She never saw them again.

The people at the cage place made her sleepy and they cut up her belly. When she woke up she was taken back home. She was feeling yucky all the time and didn’t understand why she was feeling so bad. Ocean said she was so scared, she didn’t think things could get any worse!

The people at the cage place were nice, and after some time her wounds were all healed up. The humans would try to get Ocean and her sister to play, but Ocean was too scared of her sister… she hated her so much. Every day they would have the worst fights. Ocean was getting sick of all the drama, and started lashing out at the nice humans too. They kept on making her play with other rabbits. After her experiences with her mean sister Ocean had trust issues and so whenever she was introduced to new bunnies it made her very sad, scared and cranky. This went on for quite some time and eventually, they stopped making Ocean meet the other bunnies… she had gotten her point across… she didn’t care too much for human companionship… she wanted to be alone… she was depressed.

Ocean spent a very long time at the orphanage. In that time no new humans came to see her… they didn’t even enquire about her… She said the humans who worked there kept taking pictures of her, and videos, and making posters but none of the humans wanted to meet her. Ocean was starting to get lonely. The nice foster humans were good to her but they couldn’t spend much time with her. She knew none of them could commit to her, so she wouldn’t commit to them… she was all alone.

One day, when the sun was shining a nice couple came to meet Ocean. They seemed sad, like they were grieving for a lost friend. Ocean felt bad for the humans and she was also very lonely. But she didn’t know how to show them that she wanted them to be happy. The lady picked Ocean up, and gave her a big cuddle. Ocean, who usually would scramble away in such a situation stayed put, and snuggled the nice lady back. It was the first cuddle Ocean had had in over a year, and it was nice.

That day, Ocean went to her new furever home. Now she has toys and a comfy bed, unlimited hay and as much cardboard as she wishes to destroy. She told me she never thought she would be happy again until she met the nice lady.

Oceans story reminded me that even though the humans can be annoying sometimes, they love us, and we love them. We can show them we love them by giving them kisses and cuddles and eating their strawberries for them.

There are so many lovely bunnies who need homes. If you are a human, looking for a new bunny to take over your home please ADOPT rather than buying from a breeder. Shelter bunnies like Buffy, Ocean and I make the best friends… if I do say so myself.

Image by lulu__mack

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Housebound Bunny Life facebook page!


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