Get me out of here

The morning started off as per usual. I made noise to bring the human downstairs and down she came. I accepted my greens and retreated to my loungeroom hiding spot. I was hiding because I knew something was up… the humans had been talking about me all week and yesterday a whole bunch of things appeared in the house.

A few hours later they put the harness on me. The harness is never a good sign. In retrospect I should have bolted right there and then. The harness always mean they are taking me outside. I hate it outside.

To make things worse, they then put me in the loud moving box, I have told you about it before. Going in the moving box always means something bad is going to happen.

After what seemed like an eternity they took me into a place I had never been. There were loud dogs barking at me and I was absolutely terrified. They offered me treats, but I wasn’t giving in that easy… I was cranky.

She tried to encourage me out of my box, but I wouldn’t come to her, so she pulled me out by grabbing my front legs and my bottom. Although I don’t like my bottom being touched it makes me feel much safer when they pick me up by supporting me there. After a quick cuddle she put me in a big pen with a crate in it. You won’t guess what they did next!

They put another bunny in the pen with me! I was furious! How dare they do that to me. I tried to ignore her but my mind started going crazy. I wanted to mount the white bunny. She needed to know who was boss.

Now, I am a gentlebun… so I won’t go into the details but what I will say is that for a very long time they stood and watched whilst we took turns showing each other who was the boss rabbit.

After a while I got sick of all the drama. I hopped into the milk crate and periodically thumped my back feet to show everyone I was unimpressed. The white bunny just wouldn’t stop harassing me! She was licking me and kept putting her head under my chest so that I would lick her. Fat chance! Or so I thought.

After a while I gave in and gave her two tiny licks on the ear. That was all she was going to get from me. Hopefully soon it would all be over.

Finally, after a very long time they grabbed me out of the pen. They put me back in the box and so I knew we were leaving that place at last. Then they put her in there with me! I was so confused. And so was she. Neither of us were expecting that to happen.

After a long journey home they put the white rabbit in a pen which they assembled the night before. I guess they decided she couldn’t be trusted… not like me… I go where ever I please.

Thats when the worst part happened. They put me in the pen too. And now they are completely ignoring me whilst i’m STUCK in here with this stranger! They havent given me any strawberries ALL DAY. I don’t like this situation. However, she is very pretty.

Image by lulu__mack

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Is it breakfast time yet?

When the sun comes up it means one thing… food time.

Sometimes I need to make lots of noise to make my humans wake up and feed me. Around 5:45 is the best time I think. Sometimes they don’t hear me hopping around so i do a little digging, or sometimes I chew on the wooden furniture, that always makes them get up really quickly.

They come over to me, with sleep dust in their eyes, and they give me some head pats.

I like to get head pats in the morning, but i much prefer them after breakfast time.

To tell them I’m hungry, I go and sit outside the cold giant. The cold giant is big and white and full of tasty treats like kale, carrots, spinach, and sometimes strawberries! I sit and wait patiently at the door to the cold giant until they come and open it up. Then I pounce! They are always laughing when I grab my food box and I don’t understand why, its not funny… I want what’s inside!

They give me a big pile of tasty greens for breakfast, almost the size of my head! I really like Kale and Gai Lan, they are very tasty! Spinach not so much… it tastes a bit yucky to me. The only one they don’t ever give me is the iceberg lettuce, but thats OK because it gives me belly aches and its not very tasty anyway.

Sometimes at the bottom of my pile of breakfast greens I find a little piece of carrot. I really like when that happens! If I am a VERY cute bunny and I dance around my humans feet whilst she makes her breakfast she might give me the top of a strawberry… then I do lots of binkies because I am so happy!

When my human goes off to work she fills up my water bowl, adds some hay to my box fills my fun-ball up with pellets. I push the ball around and even pick it up and throw it so that all the pellets go everywhere! Then I move around like that loud sucking machine and eat them all up.

The only other time I get the tasty pellet treats is when my humans play games with me. Sometimes they tell me to spin around or hop over things and when I do them they look so happy and they give me the treats! It is really good.

When the other human gets home he gives me sooooo many pats. I can’t help but lay down and grind my teeth together because it feels so nice. After a little while he goes to the white giant and brings me back another green feast! He sits with me whilst I scoff my greens down and sometimes gives me a little nibble of his tasty apple or banana… but only a little bit.

– Obi

Image by lulu__mack

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They call me Obi-Wan

I have been in this place for a long time. I remember the day I came here. I was scared and it smelled funny. I spent a lot of time sniffing things and marking them with my scent glands so they would know they belong to me. I jumped on things. I jumped off them. I scratched. I sniffed. I licked everything; I really like to lick things.

I wasn’t always here. Before I was here my girlfriend and I were in a box with small holes. Grass grew through the bottom of the box and the walls were shiny and cold. Small humans would come and grab us and we didn’t like it. They gave us lots of those tasty crunchy nibbles that my new humans call ‘pellets’ or ‘treats’ but they didn’t give us much else. My girlfriend started getting very cranky. She was digging lots and she started getting a big belly.

One day the big humans took us out of the box, and took us to a new place. They left us in that place. It was outside and we had to find our own food. Sometimes the cats would try to catch us, but we were good hiders so they didn’t find us.

Then, as we hopped along the street we saw some humans who looked like they had some tasty treats. I hopped over to the humans and licked their hands. They gave me strawberries. It was good. They went to pick up my girlfriend and she ran away so fast. I never saw her again.

They picked me up – I don’t like being picked up – and they walked around the town talking to other humans. I was scared. I didn’t want to go back to the box with holes and the rough small humans and I don’t like being carried… I was not sure about these new humans.

Eventually they took me to their burrow. It was very big, with lots of burrows inside which lead to other burrows. There were lots of humans there, some who visited every time the sun came up and some who only visited one or two times. I think some of the people were sad because they cried… so I let them rub my head to feel better. When they pet me they would smile. They gave me strawberries.

After a long time in the big burrow with many burrows, I had to go into a very small box which was put inside a different burrow. This one was bad. It moved quickly, it was shaky and it was loud too. I felt like I was in that shaky loud box for so long…

Once I got out of the box I was in a new burrow. It was smaller than the last one, but much bigger than the first one, and the floors were slippery. My new humans were there, and they gave me strawberries, so I let them rub my head and I licked their hands.

I like my new burrow but I miss my girlfriend. Where ever she is, I hope she is as happy as I am.

– Obi.

Image by lulu__mack

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