Yuk. Buffy has WORMS!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Buffy Girl. But she can be pretty gross sometimes!

Yesterday, I was minding my own business in the potty munching hay and I spotted a tiny white wriggly worm on one of Buffies poops! If I wasn’t a rabbit, I might have thrown up (but we rabbits cannot throw up)! Was she going to die? Was I going to get worms too? Did I already have worms? How could I know? I’m just a rabbit! Somebody think of the bunnies!!!

Since my humans are too stupid to understand bunny language I made sure not to let any hay cover the wormy poop and I left the box in disgust. They would find it sooner or later.

As expected, the next day during a routine poop-inspection by the humans the wormy poop was spotted. They looked terribly concerned… was Buffy going to die?

They sorted through the poop box with sun-coloured gloves on and put some poops in a little clear bag. They then proceeded to use their computers to “gooble” pictures of rabbit poop like weirdos… I tell you what, humans aren’t right in the head!

They say Buffy has pinworms. Pinworms are not life-threatening but are unsettling to humans and to me. I am a vegetarian, I don’t want wriggly little worms near my hay!

So, alas, I am waiting for the inevitable to happen… a trip to the vet. Last time I visited the vet I had a needle, was man-handled and they trimmed my nails!!! It was pretty much the worst thing ever. I am not looking forward to it but I would prefer my Buffy-Girl gets cleaned up so I can eat my hay knowing it isn’t contaminated with worm’s.

– Obi

Image by lulu__mack

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