One with bunnies.

Last night, Buffy was having trouble sleeping so I told her this story. I thought you might like it too.

There once was a girl who lived in a big city. She desperately wanted a kitten or a puppy to love and take care of but she didn’t feel right keeping them inside her small apartment and leaving them home all alone during the day. Plus, she got terrible allergies from cats and thought dog poop was pretty gross.

One day, the opportunity arose for the girl to adopt a little brown bunny and after doing her research she decided it was a great idea. Bunnies, unlike dogs and cats are perfectly happy to sleep all day because their peak times are dawn and dusk, exactly the times that the girl was home! Bunnies are also vegetarians which suited the girl very much.

From the second the girl met the brown bunny she was in love. He was so soft and gentle, and a little bit of a scaredy-bunny at times. She and the brown bunny lived together for 12 months and both were very happy.

However, the girl started to notice that the brown bunny seemed a little bit lonely. He was grooming the girl far more than usual and spent his free time staring at her from afar. The girl realised he needed a bunny friend. Bunnies form life long bonds and once they fall in love they are often inseparable moving forward.

Soon after came another bunny, a little white furred, red-eyed girl to form a life long bond with the sweet brown bunny. The two bunnies were forever in love and grateful that the girl was able to bring them together in a safe home, free from danger and the elements.

The bunnies and the girl lived happily ever after.

– Obi


Buffy and friends

Hai, its buffy here!

Obi said it would be ok if just this ONE time I was allowed to write to you about the place that I came from, the place called Porche’s Rescue! Porche was sooo nice to me when I lived with her at her rescue. The picture above is of me and my human on my gotcha day!

I was living in the streets you see? It was pretty scary, and there were no blankets to push around with my paws… I was hiding from the cars when somebody found me, and they took me INSIDE one of the cars to meet miss Porche which was scary at first but I soon learned that the car can be fun!

I made some friends at the rescue, their names are Marilyn and Antoinette. They are sisters! And they came into the shelter whilst I was there with all their siblings when they were only two days old!

Miss Porche was giving the babies lots of attention, I hardly got ANY pats once they came! But it was OK, because they were just babies and they needed her to help them drink their milks. I used to watch them get fed. Marilyn is soooo clever, she learned how to drink from the bottle straight away but Antionette was a silly girl, she would grab her bottle but not drink from it! They are both scaredy-rabbits. Whenever they hear a loud sound they go running for the couches! Kinda like my Obi-Wan!


Antoinette and Marilyns Adoption Pages. (Photo (C) Porche’s Rescue)

I heard the other day that Marilyn and Antoinette are still at the rescue waiting to find their new forever home… I hope that all you lovely people can share their story to spread the word about them, and Porches Rescue to help the bunnies binky in their new homes sometime soon!

Well, Obi is getting cranky and thumping at me now… I think I took too long… typing is hard! I’ll try and sneak back online sometime soon. x x x

– Buffy

Image by lulu__mack

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