One with bunnies.

Last night, Buffy was having trouble sleeping so I told her this story. I thought you might like it too.

There once was a girl who lived in a big city. She desperately wanted a kitten or a puppy to love and take care of but she didn’t feel right keeping them inside her small apartment and leaving them home all alone during the day. Plus, she got terrible allergies from cats and thought dog poop was pretty gross.

One day, the opportunity arose for the girl to adopt a little brown bunny and after doing her research she decided it was a great idea. Bunnies, unlike dogs and cats are perfectly happy to sleep all day because their peak times are dawn and dusk, exactly the times that the girl was home! Bunnies are also vegetarians which suited the girl very much.

From the second the girl met the brown bunny she was in love. He was so soft and gentle, and a little bit of a scaredy-bunny at times. She and the brown bunny lived together for 12 months and both were very happy.

However, the girl started to notice that the brown bunny seemed a little bit lonely. He was grooming the girl far more than usual and spent his free time staring at her from afar. The girl realised he needed a bunny friend. Bunnies form life long bonds and once they fall in love they are often inseparable moving forward.

Soon after came another bunny, a little white furred, red-eyed girl to form a life long bond with the sweet brown bunny. The two bunnies were forever in love and grateful that the girl was able to bring them together in a safe home, free from danger and the elements.

The bunnies and the girl lived happily ever after.

– Obi



There was blood everywhere. I don’t know where it came from.

When my human came home they went about their business as per usual. They put their bag down, had a drink of water and sat down for some pat-time. Then I saw a look on their face like I have never seen before. They looked so concerned I got worried too.

They started looking around the ground, and wiping up drops of red water from all over the floor. They were counting them. One, two, three, twenty… the counting went on. They were taking pictures and making phone calls… it was all very stressful.

I watched all of this from my castle. There is no blood in the castle, probably because of my hay-moat. It pretty much keeps all the bad things away.

Then they came for me. They picked me up… you know how I hate that. They were looking at my face, and my teeth, my belly and my feet. They did a thorough check all over and then went for Buffy.

Now, Miss Buffy does NOT like being picked up. Oh, she squirms unlike anything I have ever seen before. I swear she could break her little back with all that squirming. When it was clear she was NOT going to allow him to hold her he inspected her on the ground. She seemed to feel much safer with all four feet on the ground.

It turns out, Buffy hurt her toe today. She must have caught a claw on something and dripped little droplets around as she explored this morning. She didn’t seem too phased by the whole deal; in fact not once today did she let on that she was sore. We bunnies are funny like that. When we are sick or injured it is very hard for others, especially humans to know we don’t feel good. In this case, even I – buffy’s prince charming – didn’t even notice.

I heard the humans talking about how we have to both get nail clippings soon… and I am not impressed about that at all. I was thinking of planning a protest. But then I realised, even though we don’t like getting our nails clipped it really is in our best interest. So I will be a tough rabbit, and get my nails clipped first – so Buffy knows it’s OK.

– Obi

Image by lulu__mack

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Yuk. Buffy has WORMS!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Buffy Girl. But she can be pretty gross sometimes!

Yesterday, I was minding my own business in the potty munching hay and I spotted a tiny white wriggly worm on one of Buffies poops! If I wasn’t a rabbit, I might have thrown up (but we rabbits cannot throw up)! Was she going to die? Was I going to get worms too? Did I already have worms? How could I know? I’m just a rabbit! Somebody think of the bunnies!!!

Since my humans are too stupid to understand bunny language I made sure not to let any hay cover the wormy poop and I left the box in disgust. They would find it sooner or later.

As expected, the next day during a routine poop-inspection by the humans the wormy poop was spotted. They looked terribly concerned… was Buffy going to die?

They sorted through the poop box with sun-coloured gloves on and put some poops in a little clear bag. They then proceeded to use their computers to “gooble” pictures of rabbit poop like weirdos… I tell you what, humans aren’t right in the head!

They say Buffy has pinworms. Pinworms are not life-threatening but are unsettling to humans and to me. I am a vegetarian, I don’t want wriggly little worms near my hay!

So, alas, I am waiting for the inevitable to happen… a trip to the vet. Last time I visited the vet I had a needle, was man-handled and they trimmed my nails!!! It was pretty much the worst thing ever. I am not looking forward to it but I would prefer my Buffy-Girl gets cleaned up so I can eat my hay knowing it isn’t contaminated with worm’s.

– Obi

Image by lulu__mack

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Is it breakfast time yet?

When the sun comes up it means one thing… food time.

Sometimes I need to make lots of noise to make my humans wake up and feed me. Around 5:45 is the best time I think. Sometimes they don’t hear me hopping around so i do a little digging, or sometimes I chew on the wooden furniture, that always makes them get up really quickly.

They come over to me, with sleep dust in their eyes, and they give me some head pats.

I like to get head pats in the morning, but i much prefer them after breakfast time.

To tell them I’m hungry, I go and sit outside the cold giant. The cold giant is big and white and full of tasty treats like kale, carrots, spinach, and sometimes strawberries! I sit and wait patiently at the door to the cold giant until they come and open it up. Then I pounce! They are always laughing when I grab my food box and I don’t understand why, its not funny… I want what’s inside!

They give me a big pile of tasty greens for breakfast, almost the size of my head! I really like Kale and Gai Lan, they are very tasty! Spinach not so much… it tastes a bit yucky to me. The only one they don’t ever give me is the iceberg lettuce, but thats OK because it gives me belly aches and its not very tasty anyway.

Sometimes at the bottom of my pile of breakfast greens I find a little piece of carrot. I really like when that happens! If I am a VERY cute bunny and I dance around my humans feet whilst she makes her breakfast she might give me the top of a strawberry… then I do lots of binkies because I am so happy!

When my human goes off to work she fills up my water bowl, adds some hay to my box fills my fun-ball up with pellets. I push the ball around and even pick it up and throw it so that all the pellets go everywhere! Then I move around like that loud sucking machine and eat them all up.

The only other time I get the tasty pellet treats is when my humans play games with me. Sometimes they tell me to spin around or hop over things and when I do them they look so happy and they give me the treats! It is really good.

When the other human gets home he gives me sooooo many pats. I can’t help but lay down and grind my teeth together because it feels so nice. After a little while he goes to the white giant and brings me back another green feast! He sits with me whilst I scoff my greens down and sometimes gives me a little nibble of his tasty apple or banana… but only a little bit.

– Obi

Image by lulu__mack

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They call me Obi-Wan

I have been in this place for a long time. I remember the day I came here. I was scared and it smelled funny. I spent a lot of time sniffing things and marking them with my scent glands so they would know they belong to me. I jumped on things. I jumped off them. I scratched. I sniffed. I licked everything; I really like to lick things.

I wasn’t always here. Before I was here my girlfriend and I were in a box with small holes. Grass grew through the bottom of the box and the walls were shiny and cold. Small humans would come and grab us and we didn’t like it. They gave us lots of those tasty crunchy nibbles that my new humans call ‘pellets’ or ‘treats’ but they didn’t give us much else. My girlfriend started getting very cranky. She was digging lots and she started getting a big belly.

One day the big humans took us out of the box, and took us to a new place. They left us in that place. It was outside and we had to find our own food. Sometimes the cats would try to catch us, but we were good hiders so they didn’t find us.

Then, as we hopped along the street we saw some humans who looked like they had some tasty treats. I hopped over to the humans and licked their hands. They gave me strawberries. It was good. They went to pick up my girlfriend and she ran away so fast. I never saw her again.

They picked me up – I don’t like being picked up – and they walked around the town talking to other humans. I was scared. I didn’t want to go back to the box with holes and the rough small humans and I don’t like being carried… I was not sure about these new humans.

Eventually they took me to their burrow. It was very big, with lots of burrows inside which lead to other burrows. There were lots of humans there, some who visited every time the sun came up and some who only visited one or two times. I think some of the people were sad because they cried… so I let them rub my head to feel better. When they pet me they would smile. They gave me strawberries.

After a long time in the big burrow with many burrows, I had to go into a very small box which was put inside a different burrow. This one was bad. It moved quickly, it was shaky and it was loud too. I felt like I was in that shaky loud box for so long…

Once I got out of the box I was in a new burrow. It was smaller than the last one, but much bigger than the first one, and the floors were slippery. My new humans were there, and they gave me strawberries, so I let them rub my head and I licked their hands.

I like my new burrow but I miss my girlfriend. Where ever she is, I hope she is as happy as I am.

– Obi.

Image by lulu__mack

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