Isn’t my girlfriend just the sweetest thing?


I know I have been a little bit quiet, and I feel very badly about it. My human has been very busy with the computer and hasn’t given me any time to tell you what I have been up to!


One with bunnies.

Last night, Buffy was having trouble sleeping so I told her this story. I thought you might like it too.

There once was a girl who lived in a big city. She desperately wanted a kitten or a puppy to love and take care of but she didn’t feel right keeping them inside her small apartment and leaving them home all alone during the day. Plus, she got terrible allergies from cats and thought dog poop was pretty gross.

One day, the opportunity arose for the girl to adopt a little brown bunny and after doing her research she decided it was a great idea. Bunnies, unlike dogs and cats are perfectly happy to sleep all day because their peak times are dawn and dusk, exactly the times that the girl was home! Bunnies are also vegetarians which suited the girl very much.

From the second the girl met the brown bunny she was in love. He was so soft and gentle, and a little bit of a scaredy-bunny at times. She and the brown bunny lived together for 12 months and both were very happy.

However, the girl started to notice that the brown bunny seemed a little bit lonely. He was grooming the girl far more than usual and spent his free time staring at her from afar. The girl realised he needed a bunny friend. Bunnies form life long bonds and once they fall in love they are often inseparable moving forward.

Soon after came another bunny, a little white furred, red-eyed girl to form a life long bond with the sweet brown bunny. The two bunnies were forever in love and grateful that the girl was able to bring them together in a safe home, free from danger and the elements.

The bunnies and the girl lived happily ever after.

– Obi

Buffy and friends

Hai, its buffy here!

Obi said it would be ok if just this ONE time I was allowed to write to you about the place that I came from, the place called Porche’s Rescue! Porche was sooo nice to me when I lived with her at her rescue. The picture above is of me and my human on my gotcha day!

I was living in the streets you see? It was pretty scary, and there were no blankets to push around with my paws… I was hiding from the cars when somebody found me, and they took me INSIDE one of the cars to meet miss Porche which was scary at first but I soon learned that the car can be fun!

I made some friends at the rescue, their names are Marilyn and Antoinette. They are sisters! And they came into the shelter whilst I was there with all their siblings when they were only two days old!

Miss Porche was giving the babies lots of attention, I hardly got ANY pats once they came! But it was OK, because they were just babies and they needed her to help them drink their milks. I used to watch them get fed. Marilyn is soooo clever, she learned how to drink from the bottle straight away but Antionette was a silly girl, she would grab her bottle but not drink from it! They are both scaredy-rabbits. Whenever they hear a loud sound they go running for the couches! Kinda like my Obi-Wan!


Antoinette and Marilyns Adoption Pages. (Photo (C) Porche’s Rescue)

I heard the other day that Marilyn and Antoinette are still at the rescue waiting to find their new forever home… I hope that all you lovely people can share their story to spread the word about them, and Porches Rescue to help the bunnies binky in their new homes sometime soon!

Well, Obi is getting cranky and thumping at me now… I think I took too long… typing is hard! I’ll try and sneak back online sometime soon. x x x

– Buffy

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We’re Molting!

I don’t know what’s happening, but its terrifying. Every time I groom myself a clump of hair comes out… its happening to Buffy too.

Why is this happening to me? I don’t understand. I feel sooky and cranky and not at all like myself. Every time my humans come over to me they pull clumps of hair out of my backside, how embarrassing.

This has happened to me before. I remember soon after I came to this home I lost lots of hair. I think because I was adjusting to a new environment my body started acting a bit crazy. There were little Obi-Wans everywhere, which was nice because I was lonely but it was also pretty gross and the humans vacuumed all the time which was dreadful.

But WHY is it happening to me again! Its been so hot latey and buffy always wants to cuddle which makes it hotter. And now I have to deal with this? The great Jackalope must be punishing me for something.

I feel worse for Buffy. She has different fur to me and seems to loose some every time the humans pet her. She also grooms me lots so is probably getting hair-mouth.

The humans keep trying to brush us, but it doesn’t work very well. So they have taken to patting us with WET HANDS! Its horrible, it takes like 5 minutes to dry!

Can someone tell me, when will this stop? I just want to go back to when my fur was perfect and my poops don’t occasionally come out in strings of pearls…

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I made a new friend today… her name is Ocean.

Today I met another bunny named Ocean. We drank chamomile tea and had a good chat about where we came from and how we got to where we are today, and I wanted to share it with you.

When Ocean was a baby she had a sister and they were best friends. They spent all their time together and when they went to their new home with some humans they had lots of fun.

But when the two girlies became teenagers things changed. Oceans sister started getting mean, and this made Ocean sad. Oceans sister was picking on her and biting her and they were fighting all the time. After a while Ocean was so scared all the time that she would lash out whenever someone came too close… she was so unhappy.

One day, the humans took her and her sister to a place full of little cages. They left her there. She never saw them again.

The people at the cage place made her sleepy and they cut up her belly. When she woke up she was taken back home. She was feeling yucky all the time and didn’t understand why she was feeling so bad. Ocean said she was so scared, she didn’t think things could get any worse!

The people at the cage place were nice, and after some time her wounds were all healed up. The humans would try to get Ocean and her sister to play, but Ocean was too scared of her sister… she hated her so much. Every day they would have the worst fights. Ocean was getting sick of all the drama, and started lashing out at the nice humans too. They kept on making her play with other rabbits. After her experiences with her mean sister Ocean had trust issues and so whenever she was introduced to new bunnies it made her very sad, scared and cranky. This went on for quite some time and eventually, they stopped making Ocean meet the other bunnies… she had gotten her point across… she didn’t care too much for human companionship… she wanted to be alone… she was depressed.

Ocean spent a very long time at the orphanage. In that time no new humans came to see her… they didn’t even enquire about her… She said the humans who worked there kept taking pictures of her, and videos, and making posters but none of the humans wanted to meet her. Ocean was starting to get lonely. The nice foster humans were good to her but they couldn’t spend much time with her. She knew none of them could commit to her, so she wouldn’t commit to them… she was all alone.

One day, when the sun was shining a nice couple came to meet Ocean. They seemed sad, like they were grieving for a lost friend. Ocean felt bad for the humans and she was also very lonely. But she didn’t know how to show them that she wanted them to be happy. The lady picked Ocean up, and gave her a big cuddle. Ocean, who usually would scramble away in such a situation stayed put, and snuggled the nice lady back. It was the first cuddle Ocean had had in over a year, and it was nice.

That day, Ocean went to her new furever home. Now she has toys and a comfy bed, unlimited hay and as much cardboard as she wishes to destroy. She told me she never thought she would be happy again until she met the nice lady.

Oceans story reminded me that even though the humans can be annoying sometimes, they love us, and we love them. We can show them we love them by giving them kisses and cuddles and eating their strawberries for them.

There are so many lovely bunnies who need homes. If you are a human, looking for a new bunny to take over your home please ADOPT rather than buying from a breeder. Shelter bunnies like Buffy, Ocean and I make the best friends… if I do say so myself.

Image by lulu__mack

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There was blood everywhere. I don’t know where it came from.

When my human came home they went about their business as per usual. They put their bag down, had a drink of water and sat down for some pat-time. Then I saw a look on their face like I have never seen before. They looked so concerned I got worried too.

They started looking around the ground, and wiping up drops of red water from all over the floor. They were counting them. One, two, three, twenty… the counting went on. They were taking pictures and making phone calls… it was all very stressful.

I watched all of this from my castle. There is no blood in the castle, probably because of my hay-moat. It pretty much keeps all the bad things away.

Then they came for me. They picked me up… you know how I hate that. They were looking at my face, and my teeth, my belly and my feet. They did a thorough check all over and then went for Buffy.

Now, Miss Buffy does NOT like being picked up. Oh, she squirms unlike anything I have ever seen before. I swear she could break her little back with all that squirming. When it was clear she was NOT going to allow him to hold her he inspected her on the ground. She seemed to feel much safer with all four feet on the ground.

It turns out, Buffy hurt her toe today. She must have caught a claw on something and dripped little droplets around as she explored this morning. She didn’t seem too phased by the whole deal; in fact not once today did she let on that she was sore. We bunnies are funny like that. When we are sick or injured it is very hard for others, especially humans to know we don’t feel good. In this case, even I – buffy’s prince charming – didn’t even notice.

I heard the humans talking about how we have to both get nail clippings soon… and I am not impressed about that at all. I was thinking of planning a protest. But then I realised, even though we don’t like getting our nails clipped it really is in our best interest. So I will be a tough rabbit, and get my nails clipped first – so Buffy knows it’s OK.

– Obi

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There’s nothing more fun than a cardboard box and some string.

I am a simple rabbit. My favourite activity involves laying sprawled out at the threshold. The bathroom door and the fridge door are at a tie for first place. Theres something about doors which makes me feel calm, maybe its that I become god and no one can open the doors without my say so.

Whilst I lay in-front of doors, or at the threshold I think about the universe. What is the ceiling made of? Where to the humans go to get the vegetables? Why are two of my feet so big whilst the other two are so small?

I have a few cubby houses around the apartment. Theres my wooden hutch, which I only go in if i’m scared, it makes a really good hiding space because I can sit in the corner and look at both entrances. I also have a little table with a sheet over it which I like to pull and push to make just right, I am after all an interior designer by heart. Best of all though is my castle, it has three levels joined by ramps! The ramps used to be perforated but Buffy decided that she is also an interior designer and ate all the grooves off… so now we have a castle with slides!

I am king.

My favourite thing to chew is tea-towels. I like to make holes in them so that they are easier for the humans to hang on hooks. I am a helpful rabbit. Tea-towels have an aroma unlike any other object. They are full of the smell’s of foods and coffee beans, and even when they have been freshly cleaned I can still taste the yummyness on them.

My favourite thing to throw is my treatball, which gets filled with pellets out of my favourite box. My humans got a new mix from Porches Rescue which is soooo tasty! I push my ball around throughout the day and out drops the tasty treats… but Buffy tends to get in the way and gobble half of them up…

Sometimes I get to play with string and things on string. I saw my human order some string on the computer the other day and I think she is going to make some toys with it. I saw on mums instagram account somebunny put string between the thresholds and used pegs to hold up the vegetables… I think that idea sounds dandy!

When I came to this place I didn’t know what to think… they didn’t have many toys for me and I was a bit lonely when they left the apartment. But now that I have a castle, and a girlfriend, and some string I think I might be the happiest bunny in the apartment building.

What are your favourite toys? Share them in the comments below or over on facebook!

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Yuk. Buffy has WORMS!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Buffy Girl. But she can be pretty gross sometimes!

Yesterday, I was minding my own business in the potty munching hay and I spotted a tiny white wriggly worm on one of Buffies poops! If I wasn’t a rabbit, I might have thrown up (but we rabbits cannot throw up)! Was she going to die? Was I going to get worms too? Did I already have worms? How could I know? I’m just a rabbit! Somebody think of the bunnies!!!

Since my humans are too stupid to understand bunny language I made sure not to let any hay cover the wormy poop and I left the box in disgust. They would find it sooner or later.

As expected, the next day during a routine poop-inspection by the humans the wormy poop was spotted. They looked terribly concerned… was Buffy going to die?

They sorted through the poop box with sun-coloured gloves on and put some poops in a little clear bag. They then proceeded to use their computers to “gooble” pictures of rabbit poop like weirdos… I tell you what, humans aren’t right in the head!

They say Buffy has pinworms. Pinworms are not life-threatening but are unsettling to humans and to me. I am a vegetarian, I don’t want wriggly little worms near my hay!

So, alas, I am waiting for the inevitable to happen… a trip to the vet. Last time I visited the vet I had a needle, was man-handled and they trimmed my nails!!! It was pretty much the worst thing ever. I am not looking forward to it but I would prefer my Buffy-Girl gets cleaned up so I can eat my hay knowing it isn’t contaminated with worm’s.

– Obi

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Buffy! It goes IN the potty!

If there is one thing I am really good at, its using the litter box. I never piddle outside of my box and I rarely miss. When I miss its my humans fault for letting it get too full.

My box has recycled paper litter in it, my human buys this one because its soft on my feet and if I happen to eat it (like I am that silly) I won’t get sick. My human puts my hay right into the litter box so I can eat and poop at the same time – one of my favourite pastimes!

Now, my girlfriend Buffy, her litter box routine is not as good as mine, not by a long-shot! Our first week together, which we spent in that horrible pen she piddled in every single corner and slept in the litterbox…. I was thoroughly unimpressed.

After a few days of living in her filth she started using the box properly, but she still piddled outside of the box on occasion. Most desexed bunnies have good litter-box habits, but it takes a little time to develop them. But un-desexed bunnies… now that is another story!

Sometimes she piddles and poops just outside the box. She doesn’t sit in the box whilst eating sometimes but still piddles anyway resulting in a puddle I have to dodge whilst leaving our bathroom. I think this is just laziness or confusion on her part… I must have a word with her about it though because it’s unladylike.

Othertimes it’s in a corner of the house that the humans aren’t likely to see… This is very sneaky, and I think she does this because she knows they wont find it – thus claiming the space as her own. When they do find it, they clean it with vinegar.

To the humans dissatisfaction she most likes to piddle on the couch! Now, this behaviour I understand. I did it too when I came here, although only a few times. I did it to show the humans that they had to share with me. It worked, they let me on the couch whenever I want now. Im sure they wouldn’t have done that if I hadn’t shown them I was the boss! Anyway, she tends to hop around innocently, begging for pats and licking the cushions. Then, when they are not expecting it, she gets that glazed over look in her eyes and starts backing up into a corner whilst lifting her tail. Its pretty funny because the humans HATE it! They make a fuss and grab the vinegar. I don’t know why they bother. Its ours now. They should just sit on the ground.

Its been two weeks, and she is getting much better with her potty training. I don’t think she piddled outside of the box at all yesterday (unless I didn’t notice) and she is dropping less poops all over the place. I guess she is feeling more at home which is good, because I want her to stay with me forever.

– Obi

Image by lulu__mack

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Everything’s coming up Obi.

It has been an interesting week…

When I last posted, I was in a bad place. I was feeling hurt and unloved. I kept a diary over the past week so you could see how I have suffered.


She kept coming close to me all night so I would chase her around the pen until she hid in the small red crate. I think they put that crate there so she could hide from me if she annoyed me too much. I made sure they knew I was unhappy by shaking the pen every now and then as well as making a thudding noise with my back feet. When the room got brighter they gave me my greens and I had to share them. She didnt each much of them though because she knew they were mine. They did not give me one single pat. No head rubs, no nothing. They were completely ignoring me.

They left the burrow and didn’t come back for a long time. In that time I stayed in my corner and she stayed in hers. We had an agreement.


A repeat of Monday, nothing good happened today. I got tired of chasing her though and so when she came close to me I would just look the other way. I don’t understand what I did to be put in this situation and am not impressed.


I gave in. I groomed her head. Just a little. She kept putting her head under my chin. She smelled nice. She really is quite a pretty girl. They made a funny noise when they saw and so I stopped. Now I only do it when they are not looking.


We sleep next to each other now. I lay in my side of the pen and she comes over and lays next to me. Maybe she is cold. They also made the pen bigger today, what a relief! Still no head pats though.


PATS! This morning when they woke up they fed us and then gave us both pets at the same time! It was amazing… I didn’t even mind sharing my human. I don’t mind the new rabbit, she is pretty nice to me and she gives me kisses. I kiss her back. Its pretty good.


They let us out of the pen! I showed her around the pad and we took turns marking our territory with our scent glands. I didn’t really mind her marking my things because she is now my girlfriend and you should always share with your girlfriend.

They only let us out for a small time but it made me feel like things weren’t going to be so bad after all. Things were turning out pretty good.


The pen is gone, and I am able to relax wherever I like. We snuggle together every now and then but mostly we just stay within eyes view of each other and play together in the cardboard castle. Everything’s coming up Obi.

– Obi

Image by lulu__mack

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